School Principal Message

Mr. Om Prakash (I/C Principal)

While offering information and knowledge to students, we should encourage an integrated outlook on life. This will help the students to recognize and breakdown in them all social distractions and prejudices and discourage the acquisitive pursuit of power and domination. Our education should encourage the right kind of self-observation and the experience of life as a whole, which is not to give significance to the part, to the 'me', and the 'mine', but to help the mind to go above and beyond itself to discover the real. We impart knowledge to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole. We want our students to be rich inwardly and they should discover within themselves a new strength and vitality to face new challenges in life.

We have to equip our children to become better individuals, thereby creating a better world. The competencies and skills applied by our teachers in teaching learning situations with responsible quantitative and qualitative assessment will definitely lead to a special flowering of talents of students. With this end in mind not just our varied curricula but our methods of instructions will have to keep pace with fast changing social structures and technological advancements.